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Steps To Measure Yourself For A Jacket

Steps to measure body for jacket

For the perfectly fitted jacket, correctly and accurately measuring yourself is important as well. Here’s how you can do so.

  1. Measure The Chest/Bust – Take a measuring tape and place it around the chest or bust carefully, measuring the widest area of the chest. This might be difficult to do yourself, so take the help of a friend for an accurate measurement. If you want a more casual-fit jacket, add in an inch or two of the measurement.
  2. Measure The Shoulder Width Stand in a relaxed, natural posture and measure the width of your shoulders from end to end, across the full width of your shoulders. Make sure that you arch it across your shoulder, and not straight across your back.
  3. Measure The Sleeve Area – Put your hand on your hip, such that your arm is bent at the elbow. By placing the tip of the measuring tape on your shoulder, drag the end to your wrist. The measurement that you get is how long your jacket sleeve should be.
  4. Measure Your Hips – Placing the tape measure on one end of your hip, encircle it around your hips and measure the circumference of the widest part of your hips.
  5. Measure Your Body Length – Stand in a straight, natural posture, and from the top of your shoulder, measure till the area you want your jacket to end. Although the length you want depends on your preference and style, a proper jacket should end around mid-thigh.

Tips For Making Measurements

  1. Ensure that all the measurements are made with the jackets placed on a smooth surface, like a table or floor, and all wrinkles are smoothened out.
  2. Do not hold the tape measure too tightly or loose while measuring. It should wrap around your body well.
  3. Make sure that all the measurements are as accurate as possible.