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Inland Leather is the online store of a 3rd generation of family-owned leather tanning business which started in 1965. Originally the business was leather tannery up until 1971 when the leather garments factory was established. Our garments factory is one of the largest manufacturers of major European and American brands.ย 

Our hides and skins are procured from the top suppliers of Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Africa and the Middle East. No skin is the same as you may have heard of no leather is created equal. Our generations of experience in tanning has given us the expertise to make the most favorable formulations to bring out the beauty in each skin.ย 

All of our leather products are environmentally safe, free from PCP, AZO, Nickel, Dye Dispersion, Chrome VI and other health hazardous materials.

Since we have our own leather tannery, we can literally make any leather color and finish that our customer desires. Feel free to contact us for any wholesale or custom leather inquiries. No job is too small for us, we work from 1sf to 1million square foot.ย 

Why Buy from Us?

Our genuine leather is high quality, you get a top quality garment at an affordable price and the quality of leather is not compromised, as we do it all under one roof. There are many sellers who will offer a cheaper product with a much lower grade leather, which will not last and will be made with poor quality craftsmanship. We take pride in our work and promise to deliver the highest quality possible.ย